The Little Mermaid – A Disney Movie at Its Best

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the little mermaid

Ariel is a very adventurous creature. She loves to explore ship wrecks and collect reassures that she finds. She has two friends that go with her. Their names are Flounder, a fish and Sebastian, a crab. How can a girl explore shipwrecks and be friends with a fish and a crab? That’s easy. Ariel is a mermaid. She is also a princess, the youngest of seven. This time she gets caught exploring since she was supposed to be at a recital. King Triton is very angry and grounds her. She goes to her secret place that contains all her treasures. Triton does not like humans because they eat fish and he feels they cannot be trusted.

While looking at her treasures, Ariel notices bright colors coming from the surface so she decides to check it out. She sees fireworks for the first time. She also sees a handsome man. Soon a storm comes and lightning strikes the mast of the boat. This also causes the boat to catch on fire. The boat is carrying gunpowder which explodes. Ariel cannot find it in her heart to let the handsome man drown so she swims the unconscious man to shore. She stays with him until he wakes up. She must quickly leave since more humans are walking down the beach.

Ariel’s friend Sebastian turns her in. He accidentally tells the king that Ariel went to the surface and saved a human. Ariel retreats back to her cave of treasures. Her friends try to cheer her up by showing her that a statue of the man she saved has been found. The king followed them to the secret cave and destroys everything. This makes Ariel so upset that she decides to go see the sea witch where she trades her voice for legs. The trick is, she has to get the man who happens to be a prince to kiss her before the sun sets on the third day. Does she get the prince to fall in love with her before the third day? Does the sea witch have some tricks up her sleeve? Watch and find out.

If you loved the little mermaid then you will love the lion king trilogy.

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